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Transport Cools P

28, Koggenstraat
PoBox 8380 Zeebrugge
P. +32 (0)50 39 14 13
F. +32 (0)50 39 07 54

VAT. BE 0416.849.679
RPR. Brugge

History of Transport Cools P

Over 75 years experience in transport

Transport Cools P - History 11928
Grandfather Emiel Cools began with the carriage of goods for third parties. This early transport business did not use trucks. Everything was done with horses. The fleet of Emiel Cools rapidly expanded up to six horses.



Marcel Cools, firstborn son of Emiel Cools and only 17 years old, began working full time as an independent haulier. He fortunately was too young to join the army at the beginning of World War II.

Transport Cools P - History 21948
When the war had taken an end, normal trading was increasing again. At that time, the very first trucks were bought by Marcel Cools. Army trucks, that were abandoned, were the only payable option.

Marcel Cools married Rachel Kerckhove. Rachel ran the office, both planning and administration, whilst Marcel and his drivers were serving the customers.

Transport Cools P - History 31955
During 1955 Cools started working for UCB, their first industrial customer. Transport Cools started carrying all kinds of chemicals, some of which were packed in containers (non-iso).

In 1980, Patrick Cools started working in the company


First contacts are made with UK forwarders and tank-operators, to fulfill a request from UCB to deliver their very hazardous chemicals into the UK.

In 1991 Transport Cools decided to specialize in the transportation of tank-containers. Trailer trucking and domestic transport were left aside. Also that year we started to install satellite communication devices in all vehicles. An investment of € 5000 per tractor unit.

Transport Cools P - History 4

Approximately 7500 m² were bought in the industrial estate of Zeebrugge Transportzone.

Transport Cools P - History 52007
The whole company moves to the new premises in Zeebrugge, opposite to the cleaning-station.